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This blog began in 2009 to chart the making of the feature film Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then, a DIY animation made in a barn in rural Pennsylvania that now resides in the permanent collection of MoMA! Currently this blog is a document of visual culture & storytelling, seeing creativity as a telling point in time with a long, receding past and an awesome, onrushing future that we all have the power to shape. My work has been published in Filmmaker Magazine, One+One Filmmakers Journal, Hammer to Nail and in 2014 I was accepted into the Women Film Critics Circle! I also act on various film festival screening committees, am a reader & contributing animator to Electric Literature/Recommended Reading & continue to provide production support to filmmakers & artists in need of a keen editing eye. Today I live in a tiny village in between two mountains in southern Vermont where river swimmers and bald eagles float. Tune in to community radio station Sundays from 6-8pm EST for my show Team Donna K. music + culture + science