Screenings! Premiers! Bikes!

Space is (Not) Boring

Was In England Once for 20 Minutes to Hastily Switch Planes

Vultures of Cultures

What Good Is He If The Electricity Fails, If He Cannot Part The Water

The Tax Man

"You just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and up you'll go."


Ones & Zeroes

Home Is Where The Pretzels Are

True/False IV

Party Time, Excellent

I was Engrossed In A Film

Waking Up, Weirdly

True/False III (O no! It's almost over)

True/ False II (again!)

Lee Eating Pancakes in Missouri

True/False II


"An idea is salvation by imagination."

Great Rock

Good, Beautiful, Pleasant Land

Windy City



Donna K. lives in the Midwest and on the internet. Mostly she writes about her interest in the offline world.