"...but Easter's over!"

Brent wanted the eggs to be vividly colored so they'd show up on camera nicely. Dyeing eggs when it's not Easter makes you feel insane. Like carving a pumpkin in July. It shouldn't make me feel crazy given how ridiculous dyeing eggs is no matter what season but it did...

We went to a farm near our house, Al's farm, to get the eggs. We asked for a half dozen and went home with a dozen and a half. He runs his farm in a different era- rabbits running around, buckets of drying scallion bulbs,a small grove of blueberry bushes, beehives, a few goats for milk, all kinds of different chickens in coops- all run by him and his hands. The first time he gave me a zucchini it was so huge I kept insisting it was an unripe eggplant.



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