Summer Slowblog

Ah yes, the summer slowblog...being that I have been doing rigorous physical therapy to relearn how to walk (my withered leg an interesting accessory to my summer wardrobe), was told this week that my bone has not healed even though it should have, and I have been out of work due to all of this I have been trying to hustle to make ends meet lately resulting in the bare bones blogging of late, a thing I hope to fix in the approaching months! 

Here is a teaser of upcoming blog posts along with a picture of a welded mastadon I just came across at a random crossroad- isn't she a beauty! Blog topics: Documentaries Should Tell a Story (DUH!) & the Golden Age of Docs, the premier of I Hate Myself :) (an eerie autobiography of a self loathing female director), Contemporary Art: No More Concept, Much More Culture, The Taxidermy of Small Town Museums, Collecting Art and Watching Films (how the eff do people display video art and is video art over?). I'm also hoping that I get to see a few films that are doing the rounds for reviewing, any suggestions? I want to see Blackfish (Sea World, could it be Satan?), Blue Jasmine (a new Woody Allen that looks to keep in line with his Greek Tragedy style), the new Nicholas Winding Refn, and I am hoping to find a way to catch some old fashioned summahtime horror in V/H/S 2 (a film whose first edition I couldn't rave enough about). O, and lastly, a few films I have written about in the past seem to be making the theater rounds: Cutie and the Boxer seems to be slowly leaking into theaters and Our Nixon is playing on CNN with tons of press to boot!  Okay, now back to trying to support myself through atrophied leg muscles and also cagey financial planning! Summer break, summer break forever ya'll!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.