Miami? No, Miami BEACH.

I've never been to Miami. I also keep getting corrected that I am not actually in Miami, I am in Miami Beach. But I am actually sleeping on my sister's floor in North Miami Beach. I'm helping Brent install his booth in Basel. I mean Basel Miami. I mean Basel Miami Beach. Also, I've never been to an art fair.

Part of this install involves making two walls of the booth look like wallpaper. It's based on a design for a drawing/lightbox about the film and my smart self suggested getting a stamp made of the design...

So...after a 20 hour drive with a trailer filled with stuff I began my stamping! It wouldn't have been so bad if the convention center soundtrack today didn't start with the permeating bass of south beach, meander into Bowie/Bryne territory with hundreds of art handlers bobbing there heads to signify recognition and end with JAZZ! Just straight up jazz after 9 hours of stamping. I'm going to sleep now. Sleep on the floor. In North Miami Beach.



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