get with the...

For all of those in or around Dallas in the great state of Texas you will have a chance to see Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then on July 22nd at the Dallas Museum of Art! The screening is part of The Program film/art series, an offshoot of the Dallas Video Fest/Video Association of Dallas, which features a great line up of work (including The Rape of the Sabine Women by our brilliant friend Eve Sussman). I will admit I am a bit bummed that we are competing with the Hitchcock classic Rebecca at the same venue, at almost the same time but the festival fan page insists you can see both if you don't mind skipping out on the first half of Rebecca...? I mean, it's not like that's the hour that builds up all the suspense or anything...cough-cough...but at least the Hitchcok-centric film Doubletake is also playing this festival- a film I have heard so many great things about over the last month during our travels so, get your Hitchcock fix there and make it out to Gravity!



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