Pictures of an Exhibition

The lovely folks over in lovely Louisville sent over this link of photographs from the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then opening that we had a few months back in their fine city!

The event was absolutely amazing, packed with people and food and wonderful art at every moment that Magnus, the taker of these awesome photographs, really managed to capture! He is definitely an artist bringing his own vision into the event but portraying it in a moving documentary style that made me tear up a little bit (did you see that one of the baby in that link?!).

Good work Magnus! And good work to us too, it is so nice to see the film set come together after all of that back breaking work (literally being that during de-install a large piece of a set house facade fell on me, which I caught! only to be followed by another house frame that knocked the wind right out of me!)! to convince Brent to rebuild it in the yard?? Hmm....



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