"better protection of theatres for the benefit of the nation"

Just found out that Gravity is screening at Cube Cinema in the city of Bristol, U.K. tomorrow! Fittingly enough one of the (amazingly great) sound engineers at our live show tonight (which took place in a renovated theater that had been shut down for years and only recently resurrected as a beautiful sonic wonder complete with 35mm film projection and gorgeously sharp digital projection!) was telling me of an organization based out of London called The Theatres Trust. Apparently following a government Act from 1976 the organization came into being to support the art of the movie theater. Through consultation, planning and just plain magic this group of preservationists can do everything from objecting to theater demolition on the basis of cultural importance in the name of history to giving advice on sustainable eco-theaters in the name of the future! So so great! Also, after some research, it turns out that the Cube Cinema has an amazing social conscious as well, pioneering a children's mobile cinema traveling around earthquake torn Haiti in addition to a ton of other socially progressive & interesting projects that make me so glad to have our film be a part of this awesome, inspiring place!



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