Bluebird of Friendliness

A few days ago a Nervousfilms milestone was reached: I completed my first weld on our own studio welder! And didn't die! I know, I know, I shouldn't be so scared but anything that has instructions that begin with 4 pages of warnings and a few dozen icon pics of fingers being crushed, fingers in a fan, eyes being blinded and (my favorite) a lightning bolt entering through the fingers and coursing through the body is not a thing to be taken lightly! This of course has come about due to To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given, Brent's piece that we are getting in order for Sundance which we leave for, on a near cross country road trip, on Sunday! A few minor changes are in need of welds so I am practicing and learning to make this thing ready to go. Flux core welding tips are welcome!!!!

As for the approaching film fest I am thinking about maybe making a few little short-short films about Sundance while out there. We will be in Utah for the whole event (!) since we are transporting the piece and I think I'd like to show a different side of things since the red carpet is by no means the entirety of Sundance! Do shorts sound interesting? Do blog readers want that? (Blog readers! You need to talk more! Please?) Ok, back to improving my weld technique and improving my welding vocabulary...slag- dirty metal stuff sprayed while welding, electrode- thing that produces body zapping lightning bolts...



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