Hal Philip Walker for President

Last night I made phone calls on behalf of a local state rep but, more importantly, when I was making these calls I was encouraging people to just plain vote! I think all Democrats are on edge today ever since that monkey president accidentally got elected a few elections back...I hate telling people what to do, that isn't the point of a Democracy of course and I am also not saying the current presidency has gone along as powerfully as hoped for, but Romney? Romney is a rich white heterosexual male who will continue to look out for fellow rich white heterosexual males and I have zero interest in that prospect! I know most of my readers are probably with me on this so all I can ask is that if you know anyone in a swing state who might potentially need a little shove in the right direction please call them, e-mail them, carrier pigeon them and remind them that Romney really only represents a tiny, tiny, miniscule fraction of our country and that what makes our country beautiful is our ability to choose our future, our leaders, and a global representation of our voices. So, on that note, I leave you with a few politically inspired films in hopes that you will be inspired to cast your vote to continue to live in a free, creative, and interesting America!

Abbie Hoffman on The Yippies
Nearly a decade ago I saw a film short called "Pig for Prez" in which a rag tag group of youth turned political party attempted to infiltrate the system by running a pig (yes, a pig) for President...a scandal that was only rivaled by an election following in which they ran "Nobody" for president. A mix of theater tactics & expose meant to shine a light on the absurdity and closed mindedness of the political system of their time, the Yippies (Youth International Party + hippie) was lead by Abbie Hoffman in the late 60s and staged numerous happenings on behalf of a large group of people who weren't being heard above the bombs and who were looking for a stage for their ideals in the face of a government that they did not feel all to represented by...


Wild In The Streets
Inspired by the Y/Hippie movement that took place during a tense political climate (Vietnam) this film is an LSD laced romp through a hazy time surrounding solid issues...a rock band runs for political office, urging the voting age to be lowered in order for teens to have a stronger voice, and what is truly scary is that the pop tactics of political advertising campaigns definitly hint at a reality behind this weird, wacky, neon film. This counter-culture exploitation film, supposedly shot in only 15 days, represents a hyperbole of fear and spirit that, even if it is insanely hilarious, might be a cautionary tale in terms of how we select our leaders.

Another film taking on the pop sensibility of political ad campaigns, and probably one of the best films ever made, Robert Altman's political country ensemble musical traces the steps of fanaticism, talent, money and celebrity that lead to all sorts of stages- from the political to the Opry! I love this film. Asassination vs humor, pop culture vs reality, lead singer vs president: one of the most well crafted films ever made (with a hilarious comic country soundtrack, one of the fist uses of 8-track sound recording [each character had their own mic frequency i order for large ensemble cast overlap to be able to be mixed precisely], and impeccable Altman [Renoir?] tracking shots) see this film for the sake of your country

Our Nixon
I've already gushed about our Nixon here before but, just a friendly reminder to keep an eye out for it as it slowly begins to reach out to audiences!

A film org that seeks to teach and foster documentary filmmaking across diverse communites while also supporting larger visions telling important, underheard stories, DCTV is a real embodiment of America! Self expression and opinion is a cornerstone of our values as a country- it's the first amendment for goodness sake!- and this org seeks to give voice, resources and a platform for those that tend to go unheard.



Donna K. lives in the Midwest and on the internet. Mostly she writes about her interest in the offline world.