The New Theater Programmers

I love when predictions I make come true! Behold: a magazine exclusively streaming a film! YES! I was just talking about how I think more curated or boutique availability of films would help everybody; the filmmakers looking for an audience in a saturated market (sign the petition to stop mediocre indies!), audiences looking for trustworthy guidance, another cheap(ish) distribution platform etc... YAY! YAY! Behold the future of indie film! Actually, behold the future of most creative endeavors! 

The more accessible making stuff becomes the more I feel like organizations and companies are going to act like sieves, like a profitable pinterest or something. A lot of websites really are just hubs for particular lifestyles and there is nothing stopping labels (film, food, clothing, music, and so on) from becoming even more specific, catering to a particular, cultivated, personal audience. And, to eventually make everybody win, these filters can charge subscription fees, or offer unique goods, services, or media unavailable anywhere else, possibly even pay for the production of these things too, not to mention the ad potential- it'll be like cable tv but with a station designed for every weirdo subculture one could think know what, it's almost like the way kickstarter functions now: paying for the production of something you want to see and getting something special for doing so.

Sooo, maybe don't sign that petition afterall! Keep the stuff coming and us critics & curators, of all levels & backgrounds, will keep filtering out the stuff that each and every one of you wants to see! (Images from Ian Clarks MMXXIII streaming only at Filmmaker Magazine until Feb 27th)

MMXIII (official trailer) from IAN CLARK on Vimeo.



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