Screening Committee Season, Like Fall but Better!

Screening Committee Season is upon us folks! This year I am on not one, not two, but THREE screening committees for three amazing film festivals! And I have already watched some incredible films! I really do put time & effort into this work, I think having produced a film myself forces me to care for each piece just a little bit more, but because of this I have begun to fall into bad habits. Like forgetting to eat. Or sleep. But I couldn't be happier because I am watching films All! The! Time!

I am working on a bunch of blog posts right now, including two interviews with directors about their new projects, one in the early stages of conception & the other in theaters now! So, stay tuned! I will be back shortly with your regularly scheduled blogramming. O, and don't forget to submit your films to film fests! Submission based programming seems to be in an upswing lately, I think because fests are always looking to find new, unheard voices & this is the best way to do so and also because I think the quality of submissions are rapidly improving. The digital film revolution allowed for most anyone to make a movie but now the novelty has worn off and those left making movies actually have something to say beyond "look, I made a movie!" Ok (puts eyedrops in pixel weary eyes) to the films!



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