Where have I been? I was wrapped in the hectic glow and loudness of True/False Film Fest for the past 2 years! Last year I acted as Music Director (little did you know there is an entire music festival humming under the crafted non-fiction film line up!) and Media Curator (overseeing the VR Arcade, everyone's favorite documentary game show Gimme Truth!, film programming & a whole lot more!). Am I only now emerging from some sort of post-fest cocoon? Perhaps. But I am emerging to tell of new & exciting things!

1. Citizen Jane Film Festival is another incredible film fest housed in Columbia MO. It began at Stephens College, the second oldest female college in the US and a school that is home to a stellar screenwriting program! CJ is a Women's Film Festival that showcases features and shorts directed by women, inviting representatives from the films to attend and share their work in person. There is also a Summit curated around a current women-in-film related theme and the Film School, a day long event of talks & panels that also explore the contemporary film landscape through female eyes. In addition there are parties, music and a general loving vibe of creative minds and hearts working to make their stories seen! This year is the 10th year anniversary of the fest and MY FIRST YEAR AS FEATURE FILM PROGRAMMER! The incredible Barbie Banks took over as Executive Director last year and I am more than excited to grow Citizen Jane into something new for the community- both locally and as part of the larger conversation of women in visual storytelling! The 2017 fest takes place October 26-29th, hope to see you there! (psssst, our submissions are still open! And, according to Movie Maker we are worth submitting to! Yay!)

2. True/False's sister org Ragtag Cinema is a lovely arthouse theater whose box office I have been known to work at quite often!  And I love it! I love it so much that when I was asked if I would like to program their Homebrewed series- the best of new American indie film- I was beyond flattered & excited! The series takes place each Wednesday in June and features a different film each week, seeking out those budding auteurs who are taking risks to craft bold new visions of what true independent filmmaking can be. After each screening, we Skype in with the directors to discuss the film with the audience, giving more perspective on process, production and other areas of interest. I've been busily watching screeners and am (hopefully) very close to the final line up- everyone, cross your fingers! Suggestions are welcome too of course! I know there are always tons of hidden gems waiting to find an audience!: donna[at]ragtagcinema[dot]org

3. Also, with some breathing room, I am hoping to be back in the writing/blogging saddle so stay tuned!



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