the environment is cool again

We even recycled our own stove burners since Brent based the burner sizes on our stove- which apparently is of a non-standard size!

When I was in 5th grade, at another time when it was in style to care about nature, they made us sit through an assembly that involved a robot from the future who rapped about the importance of saving the environment. I was lucky enough to switch schools that year which allowed an encore performance of this what have you. Maybe that's why I think it's important that a lot of the things in this film are actually re-appropriated; we pulled siding off of a dilapidated farm house (where we also got some room molding and some flooring too!), a lot of the construction wood and wood for sculptural pieces is from an old barn that fell down on the property, the props Brent didn't make are (cheap) antiques we scouted out in nearby shops...the future rapping robot would be so proud!

Here you can see the missing siding of the house in the backgroundwhich we then made into the set facade in the foreground!



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