needle & thread

I didn't realize how much cloth was in the film until I somehow managed to get on a fabric factory outlet e-mail list that I CAN'T GET OFF OF despite my best efforts. That was from when we bought the fabric for those 34ft long curtains that block out the world from the set. We rolled up to a shady looking loading dock and these men threw bolt after bolt of fabric into the car repeatedly asking what we were doing with it. The ladies at the not so local Jo-Ann fabric are also constantly inquiring about our fabric purchases from them which have included an entire bolt of white felt for that huge dress, yards of cream muslin and near constant orders of upholstery fabric that line the walls of much of the interior of the main set house. After I once
answered to their questions "We're working on a film" to which I was greeted with a local woman's son's headshot, I've stuck with the answer "It's for a school play." I've also bought a lot of fabric at thrift shops, felted my own felt from locally produced wool and recycled as much of the scraps that I can for my own miniature animation sets! By the way, all of the sewing done for this film was done by hand or with a $20 beginner sewing machine I got at Sears- didn't know it was such an accessible/affordable hobby, don't fear the needle & thread!



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