"a system of pulleys and wires to illuminate the moon with powerlines"

The title of this post is from one of Brent's first handrawn animations- Hadacol Christmas:

I'm not sure if when he wrote it he had in his head that he would eventually do just that- create an electric solar system in his own yard. The stars dangle on electric wire from pulleys draped over a system of more wires pulled across a metal pipe frame, lowering up and down, plugged into a dimmer system to control just how bright they can be. The moon also pulls down across wire, hand cranked up and down like an artificial sunset...At night it is unbelievable!

Mike Plante, of CineVegas-Sundance-Cinemad-Lunch Films-#1Hershey World Fan-fame, came out to visit last year sometime, and took the above & below photo (and a bunch more  you can see here) . His photographs are stunning! I think they really get across the otherworldly-ness of our backyard in its current state...his article on his time here will be out sooner or later in The Believer I think? Now back to admiring our microcosm...ahhh...



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