...to all tomorrow's parties

I don't know where to begin on the costumes that are in the film and since I really like clothes, even though you wouldn't know it since I look like a hunter in the woods trying to stay warm, I thought I'd divide the costumes into three categories/posts; stuff I bought when I lived in Brooklyn, stuff on the cheap in the woods and stuff me (or my mom! love you mom!) made!

I think it's weird that I have some expensive clothes and weirder that I ruined them all in the making of this film. So...let me explain...

I worked as a brand namer (yes, I came up with names for products. seriously. it is a job!) when I first moved to NY. I lived in a barely livable factory with a bunch of people and paid what was considered cheap rent. The overly flattering salesman at the Bloomingdale's mixed with a weakness for Marc Jacobs infused my basically all thrift shop wardrobe with some nice looking threads as I spent my first summer in NY with disposable income!

Expensive clothes weren't meant to stop motion act in- I've ripped one while falling off of a ladder during filming and another while I exaggerated my movements for the camera not to mention the rips & tears from the ubiquitous brambles & burrs of the woods. I've learned these nice pieces of clothing are meant to be looked at more than (ruggedly) worn but I'd rather be doing this than sitting and looking nice somewhere for sure! Here are some pictures of the nice clothes looking nice. In the snow. I am a bit stir crazy from the snow. As if you couldn't tell by these pictures...?

After taking these photos I realize all these clothes look as delicate as they actually are- vintage inspired,sheer, silk, lace- I prefer wearing them all all once (see above film still) which really helps out given the outdoor set!

Also, remember the ducks? One got lost from his family yesterday in the snow and I actually picked him up to re-unite him with them. At first he struggled but then he kinda got into basically flying with no effort...and I wonder why my clothes are all ruined?



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