the wall

This was the beginning of the building I think it was late Fall 2008? 
I don't think I ever went into detail about the walls surrounding the set? We realized early on filming indoors wasn't feasible so what else was there to do but build three gigantic walls out in the backyard. There's a wooden frame about 16 feet or so high and then another 16ft frame of steel pipe. Then there are support beams concreted into the ground that are screwed into the wooden frame every 4 feet or so & in some spots there are 18ft wooden support trusses. I don't know how long each wall is? As long as the barn? However long that is. Then there are those black curtains riveted into the wooden frame that are attached to wire so they can be hoisted up to the top of the metal frame creating a 34ft cloth background. When they aren't in use they are tethered to the top of the wooden frame to prevent the walls from sailing away. It definitely provides a good backdrop to film against and at night it just sort of blends into the country darkness...

 The walls are also good for hanging laundry on as pictured here last Spring!

The other day one of the walls bent drastically in the wind (but is still standing!) and we started talking about how we're going to dismantle the walls soon when the set moves to New York & then Arizona, did I mention the set is moving...?!



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