modern man

Tonight was the screening of Brent's short Paulina Hollers at MoMA. I did foley for this. It felt kind of wrong to bring a box of junk to a world famous art museum. It felt even weirder to have a special sticker pass with my birthday emblazoned on it. Either way...I think the show went well & the band was so great- Catherine McRae, Missy Liu,  Drew Henkels, Brendan Canty & John Swartz (who I never met before and don't know much about but what I do know is that he is an super nice guy and an amazing cellist!). So now, the film premier....

O, and by the way, when sound checking for the show today, sitting in the lobby of the museum offices Brent opened the door for a dashing older man in a white suit and heavy sunglasses. That dashing older man was Mick Jagger! Is it good luck to open the door for a member of The Rolling Stones? Hope so!



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