untitled film still

The film premiers Friday in New York (tickets available here), which is where we are now to do some pre-show things including a live performance of one of Brent's shorts at MoMA tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday!). Reviews of the film are slowly filtering in...it is a little strange for me to read what film people think about this thing that I feel so close to especially since I don't even see it as a film anymore. I imagine it would be like if you put your child or your well loved family pet (Speaking of which, we saw a woman wearing what looked  like a hamper on her back in California but it turned out to be a back pack bird cage. You know, for walking your well loved bird? Yes.) on display and then let people post their thoughts & criticisms of it for everyone to see. 

Even though people are seeing it and writing about it, I can still have the memories of this special thing that no one will have- like splinters, the fear of falling from giant wooden legs, the cold long night shoots of stop motion acting- it makes me sort of feel bad that everyone can't experience the film in this way, well, maybe not so bad....Here is an early shot of the set- Leonard's house to the left, some of the facade frames to the right, the abandoned farmhouse full of sets in the background and our own barn living space peeking out of the right.



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