Well the shows at PFA & The Hammer were awesome! We got some great reviews too! One review came in the form of the amazing underground film force of Mike Everleth over at Bad Lit . Mike has been a great supporter of not only this project but Brent's other work as well. He also seems to have a softspot for this here blog! Yay! So great to finally meet him! If you're not familiar with his site check it out, it gives indie film not only a community but a hopeful voice with an outlet for new, creative, experimental work that would probably remain hidden if not for Mike's unearthing! 

On the way back from Berkeley we drove through Yosemite (I'll post photos on my photo site later) after spending a silent evening in the wine country hills in the mountains of Northern California on our friend Aram & Mary's (and their new bear of a baby's) land. Here we are being dwarfed by a redwood! Aram  said once they hooked up a projector to a car battery out there creating the ultimate outside/underground (literally) film screening! Hm...maybe we can talk him into a film festival out there eventually....?? 



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