you'll dance to anything

I can't help but read Paddy Johnson's blog Art Fag City and not think of that Dead Milkmen song! You know which one I mean? The "you'll dance to anything by The Smiths" one? Thank goodness it's a hilarious song...that, unfortuantely, tends to get stuck in your head! 

 Photo By Olya Vysotskaya
 Anyway...Paddy, who I never met but whose site I love, had a little post about the last day of the gallery show. If you're not already a fan of her site you should be! She is able to condense down the highlights (and lowlights) of art & the art world in the most witty, smart and informed way possible- somehow making even me, the woodsdweller, get a sense of what's going on out there! Here is another shot of the gallery installation, taken by the fantastic photographer Olya Vysotskaya!



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