Museums & Mongreloids

Our good friend (and cinematographer for a few Gravity scenes) Jem Cohen is working on a new project (which I talked about earlier on this here blog)! I had asked him to send over some stills awhile back and, after returning from travels (both ours & his), he did! I added the images from Jem's much anticipated upcoming feature Museum Hours in the original post I wrote about his film. CANNOT WAIT!

Speaking of visionary sad news it has been announced that the counterculture filmmaker George Kuchar has recently had a pretty intense bout with cancer. I was lucky enough to see him & his films with a small crowd of film folks in the capital of Pennsylvania one rainy day two years ago where Kuchar, with his sweet, gruff New York accent, narrated along the process of his short low budget films that expand the genre range (psychedelic-psycho-horror-B+ movie-gender empowering-spirited-meta-documentaries perhaps?). What a friggin' genius! What heartfelt beauty! What courageous humor! I don't really know how to properly explain or applaud Kuchar  and his overall greatness (and that of his twin brother Mike too) but I do know that the film community's thoughts are with him and I am so thankful that his ground breaking work will live on in cinematic history! Stay well George and thank you for paving the way for the rest of us!



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