Pennsylvania Power and Light

A full day after the hurricane that wasn't...our power went out? Pennsylvania, always behind the times! It was a weird day of candles, kerosene lamps (which were originally purchased as Gravity props!), an Amish farmstead in the parking lot of a strip mall (no idea how to explain that one? It was literally in between a chain retailer and a pizza buffet!) and coffee rationing! Our woodsy studio was sort of at a halt given this situation (O, and the fact that the internet keeps going on and off too...! ) but I guess it forced us to take a much needed break from noise and animating!

Speaking of which, during recent animating adventures we were looking up images of swordfish for part of a scene Brent is drawing and I read that swordfish have adapted their eye muscles to heat their eyes and brain for better vision! What!? Who knew?! Heated eyes to see better? I wonder if they make heated glasses specifically for animators weary, frame ridden eyes....?

Also, a quick update on our upcoming whereabouts: Brent is visiting Penn State today (if you are up there you should go see him lecture, it is a beautiful campus and I'm sure the rivers are high and mighty with post hurricane rains!), on September 17th we will be participating in The Kitchen Block Party in NY where the fabulous venue hosts a kid-friendly street fair complete with food, music and crafts (our craft table is currently working hard on preperatory cutting and crafting right now! Hope to see you there!) and, lastly, this weekend we visit New England to usher in the nuptials of our friends Mark & Steph (an event that is sure to be full of filmic surprises being that Mark is the founder of Rooftop Films, an organization dear to my dear that Brent is actually marrying the two! What does one wear to officiate a wedding anyway...? A cape perhaps? Yes! A cape!). Ok, off to get things going- have a happy hurricane-less, electricity-filled day folks! O, and by the way, we were only inconvenienced by the storm but a lot of people, especially in Vermont and upstate New York, have suffered greatly from this natural disaster. Here are a few links on how to help out! Stay dry and safe everyone!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.