Podcasts or Internet Comes to The Barn!

Let's see....as I sit here watching Brent painstakingly animate, frame by frame, redrawing each WHOLE image over and over I keep finding myself dumbstruck! He is crazy! But, while this is going on we've been listening to the wonderful offerings of podcasts brought to us by the internet! Yes! That's right! When I moved here a few years ago we only had dial up internet service but now, after signing petitions and slowly watching ditches being dug and wires being buried, WE HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET!

The first order of podcasts we've been catching up on are from our two film friends Mike Plante and Marbelle. Mike Plante, the founder of Cinemad, has recently started offering up interviews he conducts with filmmakers on the web. The interview with Bobcat Goldthwait (yeah, THIS guy! But also the man behind the amazing recent feature film World's Greatest Dad that was so graphic and touching you wouldn't think it was made by the guy known for starring in a movie with a talking horse! Did that horse talk? I think it did? At least he wasn't the voice of the talking horse, that would be way worse....I did love that film as a kid though!) was pretty amazing! Mike's questions and interview style reveal what a film lover he is and how knowledgeable he is on the subject, and the subjects he is interviewing. Listening to Cinemad's podcasts you know that Mike loves what he does as much as the people he is interviewing love what they do, a rare and perfect combination!

As for Marbelle, who I got to meet in London (pics of our trip seen here) during our recent live show tour, his Directors Notes series is unbeatable! He has been at it for awhile (I think it said the most recent podcast was number 213?!) so his refined interviewing is precise and thoughtful, leading to a lot of filmmakers sort of storytelling their way through their process and development. Directors Notes features a lot of cutting edge filmmakers, many of whom are obscure or undiscovered, and gives them a platform to speak out on the thing they love to do (filmmaking!) and the things that make them the unique artists that they are. Giving these filmmakers a louder voice & a wider audience is an amazing, noble feat in a film world where I find a lot of people are hesitant to be the first one clapping! In fact, Directors Notes was one of the first places to interview Brent early on in his filmmaking career (and early on in the career of Directors Notes!)- double applause! Keep it up MarBelle! If London remains in one piece that is...

Please don't burn down London, look at how pretty it is...! So, what other film related podcasts are out there o wise internet beings who I am about to rejoin? INTERNET...ok, I already need to monitor my internet use abuse (I say through bloodshot, pixel weary eyes)!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.