Sundance: The End!

Brent's piece To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given (pictured), which was unveiled in it's first incarnation at Sundance 2012, seemed to get a little lost in the shuffle of the New Frontier group show. Mostly the soundspace (which was shared by two incredibly loud video pieces, one with a subwoofer that at times was known to shake the walls!) made hearing the quieter, treble-y rantings of Brent's voice disappear through the beautiful wooden phonograph horns....this would be a shame if the piece didn't already have a long life of exhibition in front of it- on both coasts!

Speaking of which, Sean Uyehara, of The San Fran Film Society (condolences on their recent loss), interviewed Brent while in Utah about the sculptural video that we displayed! The interview (here!) is pretty spectacular and  gets to the heart of what the artwork is all about...a great big thanks for that lovely interview! And, by the way, if you are not familiar with Sean he is the best/newest addition to my list of film person crushes, what a hilariously wonderful human being!



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