Sundance Shameless Self Promotion

It has been a wild ride with the film/sculpture piece out here at Sundance! From people manhandling the hell out of the sculpture in terrifying, terrifying ways (to the point I had to leave the room today when I saw a man BEND STEEL to mold the sculpture into what he wanted to see! The EMPAC director was right!) to the unexpected positive response from viewers, To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given has had a lovely stay at New Frontier.

The ever so darling Sean Uyehara, from the San Francisco Film Society, wrote a little piece about the piece over here on Fandor! Speaking of which, a selection of Brent's short films are also available for a limited time on the hi-def wonder, curated online streaming videospace of Fandor, enjoy! Now, to put the sculpture back into the truck and take it back home...for now at least! Will be sure to keep everyone posted on the next place we will be traveling with this strange, new work!



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