American Eccentric School

 It's an odd thing to read other peoples interpretations of this thing we've been making in the woods! I can't even imagine how Brent must feel as the captain of this ship reading how other people feel about his ship steering abilities! The Village Voice, Slant & Time Out NY wrote some things...some good things, some bad things. I find it extra strange to read film critics reviews of the film since it's not a standard film- there is a story being told using a camera but that is the only thing I think relates to most other films playing alongside Gravity! I think the NY Times reviewer understood the place of the film the best so far "A tinkerer’s ode to a tinkerer, and a romantic’s tribute to a romantic, Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then radiates an oddball homemade charm." Yay! Now..we eat birthday cake!



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