It's finally starting to feel like we're back home! You know how I know? The sounds of drills & screw guns and the power flitting in and out are the best indicators! We have some Gravity screenings scheduled for the upcoming months (which I will post about soon) but for now...Brent has begun building some art pieces for the edition-ed versions of the film.
Like a lot of video artists, he makes elaborate "cases" to house the files of his pieces for collectors. I've heard of artists who include props from films or specially ornamented/painted boxes housing film reels or even cases with self contained screens & mini disc players. Brent's approach is a little more on the sculptural side, usually made out of wood and more recently with an occasional mechanical movement, he tends to place his films inside carved wonders. Here is a picture of the one he just started working on- a zoetrope depicting a scene from Gravity of Leonard hammering against the pouring rain. It's pretty amazing and also kind of funny that the "case" for the film is also a tiny moving picture in it's own right...



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