masters of megaphone

My friend Kevin Regan, part of the genius behind the Bushwick based space Famous Accountants & a pretty damn fine artist, went to see Gravity! His description made me mad I didn't write it! 

I went to see "Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then" last night. It's a tender Southern Gothic love story, a wail of spiritual pain after the death of God AND a quirky, experimental film. It's really great! And it's showing for only a few more days at IFC Center. Go!!!

Kevin is one of those people who I am always interested in what he's up to, it's exciting to me that one of the things he was up to was seeing the film. 

It's also exciting to me thatVariety  (which I don't know too much about but I think is some sort of Hollywood bible type publication? Right? I picture it folded under the arm of everyone in L.A. even though I've never actually read a copy. Or ever been to L.A. for that matter.) reviewed the film too! What a weird place our home movie is in right now...!



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