hip, hip, hip-ster?

 A few reviews of Gravity have referred to Mike McGinley and I as hipsters. This is hilarious being that I distinctly remember explaining to Mike what a hipster is since he wasn't familiar with the term- I didn't really have a good answer except that they are young people (superficially?) interested in (a supposed counter?) culture and, perhaps, (ironically?) interested in pop culture? Eh?

Anyway...At first I got defensive leading to me asking Mike's fiancee to comment on how un-hipster-like Mike is (he plays college baseball for fun despite never having gone to college & admires/envies peoples hedges!) and she said that he has changed his mind on his position. Basically, if a hipster is a person under 40 who appreciates good food & music then yes, Mike is one! I lived in Brooklyn (that's a view from my old city roof above & below my country yard) so I think I am tainted forever, sigh...Brent though? He is a born & bred country boy and I don't think anyone could ever argue against his distinctly un-hipster-like personality!

I am interested in what makes people who see the film call us this? Even more interested in why people don't say, "They are so Louisville-ian," there is no mass idea of what a person from Louisville Kentucky (where the story takes place) is like? I can't wait for a new term describing a large part of  the population to come into style- who knows, maybe Louisville-ian will be next! Speaking of which, Brent is headed down to the Louisville area this Fall for their annual Idea Fest as part of a Creative Capital lecture (not for Lebowski-fest which I have been rallying to attend which I think makes me more of a nerd than a hipster, right?) and I think someone down there is talking about a Gravity screening to coincide with the event? Will let all you Lousville-ians know!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.