hudson river blues

Well, there is apparently nothing more satisfying than selling out a show! I know it has been done in the Nervousfilms camp before but I guess I've never been part of that experience before so it was a particularly great night at EMPAC for both me & for Gravity! The night wasn't even over and we had a great review greeting us, a review that recognized the stellar musical efforts of Drew & John, the newest additions to the live show line up! As per usual, Howe (pictured with Brent & the mighty Hudson river below) & Brendan added their genius to the improvised score as well! And, of course, Brent did a wonderful job- he keeps surprising me with new lines to the live narration, lines that are so amazing I find myself sometimes sitting there stunned behind the foley table, missing important slide whistle moments! I guess what I am getting at is: this show was a great experience in every single way! 

Tomorrow we head out to the leftcoast to dismantle the show at much as I am looking forward to visiting another ocean and to another cross country road trip in a sculpture filled truck,  I do kind of wish we were heading home...but, a few screenings during this upcoming trip and the fast approaching Fall season will probably make me change my mind! Iowa City, Cleveland and Ithaca all before October! More info soon!



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