Nathan Arizona

Tomorrow, September 3rd, between 4&6pm is the end of install event at the ASU Art Musuem! We've been so busy installing I haven't had the time to even talk about the museum! The museum building itself is sort of an adobe version of the Whitney- a concrete and metal entrance leads you into the belly of the space with various tiers of galleries flanking off of stone tiled stair cases. It showcases a lot of amazing work from it's permanent collection (currently including an array of Japanese prints and a few group exhibits, one of which includes a piece by this amazing man who I can't believe I have never encountered until now) while also maintaining some cutting edge contemporary art curation (right now featuring, of course, Gravity but also Dinh Q Le's Signs & Signals a great body of work about Vietnamese bike vendors and the various images they use to signal what wares they are selling).
The staff at ASU is pretty phenomenal as well, I don't even know how to thank them for all of their wonderfulness through all of the curve  fire balls of this install! I am considering making a short video of this show to share with the internet (and, mostly, my mom- hi mom!) since my camera lens does not have a wide enough angle to encompass all of the things going on in this giant gallery space, what do you think?



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