Columbia, MO, the best town ever?

Another great Gravity screening! First off RagTag Cinema is pretty much the coolest place to see a movie I have ever been to. The whole atmosphere of the theater was so perfect: a few couches in the screening room, people sipping on glasses of beer or wine or coffee, eating a cucumber sandwich or cupcake or popcorn from the in house restaurant, others renting a video from the wildly comprehensive videostore. It only makes sense that this is the environment the True/False documentary film festival would come out of- a fantastic cinematic experience but in the most comfortable & real feeling setting you could want! 

Ending the night with a swim in a lake during a meteor shower (once again with great company in the form of True/False co-founder David Wilson and John Herschend who is part of the genius behind The Thing-both filmmakers as well as all around great people) wasn't too shabby either I might add! Tomorrow: No screening drive-a-thon. Saturday: Albuquerque, NM! That is if Brent can pry me away from this wonderful town...



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