Since we were a bit beat up from all of the stresses brought on by the delayed screening I didn't really get to see too many of the other films showing at The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema. The fest is a pretty great idea, showcasing only feature length animations brought in from all over the world. Saturday the focus was on anime, a style I never really got. Watching anime is like watching a giant jagged collage of genres so flat and removed that I can't really hold onto any part of it but the assault on the senses can sometimes be a nice jolt out of reality I guess!  Unfortunately we hit the road yesterday and missed the Eastern European stop motion attack that descended upon the festival! The Ugly Duckling , In the Attic and even the new film by the stop motion master Jan Svankmeyer all in one day! I've always loved the obvious hand evident in stop motion films and, after making our own, I watch them with a completely new respect and eye! Canada, once again bringing their animation love to the masses frame by frame!



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