Southern Lights

I'm not always in the loop when it comes to these, when I found out that I have been ignoring Aurora Picture Show's involvement in helping to bring Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then down here to Houston I felt kind of dumb! Aurora Picture Show, started by the lovely mastermind Andrea Grover (who, since recently becoming her virtual friend on various wed based social networks, never ceases to amaze me with her intelligence and wit when it comes to not only technology & the arts but also when it comes to life in general) in 1998, is a non-profit microcinema/pop-up cinema/library/distributor/multimedia mecca that always programs & supports the next wave of cinematic arts! This trailer pretty much sums up their awesomeness! (See if you can spot Brent & company in it from when he did a live short show here a few years ago over at The Orange Show!)

Aurora Picture Show Trailer from Aurora Picture Show on Vimeo.

Hell yes!



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