Oatmeal & Concrete

Akron! Who knew you were so cool? I didn't. But, here we are and apparently you're cool! The Myers School of Art at the University of Akron, which is where we performed an intimate little show of Brent's shorts yesterday, has some real stuff being made- the student gallery alone is acting on a near professional level & the enthusiasm throughout the studios is palpable. It was so awesome we even picked up a few mugs made by the hilarious (and talented) Richie (spelling?), a student who I hope e-mails me so I can direct the internet on where to buy his mugs...seriously, awesome mugs are hard find and these mugs are seriously awesome! Also, a special thanks to Mark Soppeland the artist who brought us out here! He was such a great host and his sculptures are fantastical and crazy and I think I once had a dream about some of those animals he invented...? So great!

Also, I can't seem to shake rural life...the hotel/dorm we are staying in used to be an oatmeal factory! Our hotel room is a circle (here is Drew doing his thing?in his room? Picture by Drew?) and once was called Silo 3 and contain 1.5million bushels of oats. The lobby was fashioned by this insane sculptor who carved giant sun faces out of concrete with huge metal gears protruding out of them in a 70s pre-steampunk fashion. There are also empty train cars in the yard.  And a frightening, giant waxen train conductor directing the phantom trains. What? Again, Akron. Super cool!



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