When The CIty Turns on Her Lights

Being that there are no international flights out of rural Pennsylvania...I once again began (and will end) my Gravity related travels in New York! Seeing the new Woody Allen movie in a movie theater where the rumble of the New York city subway can be felt underfoot will always bring a wave of NY nostalgia on, which is pretty fitting since the new Woody Allen film deals with just that: the desire to look back fondly at seeming eras of greatness. Midnight in Paris is a beautiful film capturing the social responsibility of artists and how the repetition of history is a testament to the need for ongoing cultural progressives all wrapped up in the comedic timing and time transporting genres of classic Allen. Similar to his film  Alice, a kind of sci-fi romantic story of wit and class, Paris seamlessly moves in and out of fantasy in a magical realism movement of perfection.  In his old age Allen is reflecting on his career and reminding us of his timeless genius and, with unexpected agenda, reminding himself and the audience why art, intelligence and humor must exist no matter what time period it is.

To make my NY trip even more cinematic I somehow stumbled past the Dakota early in the breezy Central Park afternoon. A loaded spot, the building is the setting of one of my favorite films of all time Rosemary's Baby. The eerie lullaby intro with the circling birds eye shot of the building, John Cassavetes in all his gruff glory, Mia Farrow (who I saw in person once at a tiny NY film premier and whose mere presence is beautiful and human) the devil! anagrams! poison laced chocolate mousse! Such a perfect film! I can't help my love of New York cinema and, even though we're far removed from the city, I am glad our film has been so embraced by this wonderful cinephile culture- another live screening of Gravity is in the works for the Fall in New York, NY! Yay!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.