Swiss Miss

Switzerland!! Yay! Ok, for whatever reason I am finding it impossible to navigate Swiss websites? What gives? Here is what I can piece together about our Gravity/Nervousfilms trip there: 1. Brent, me, Jim White and Howe Gelb are playing a live shorts show at the Kunsthalle Basel  (Art Museum?) in conjunction with 2. Stadtkino Basel who will be screening Gravity (alongside a whole lot of movies I've seen recently and loved) and then Brent, Howe and Jim are doing some sort of show in Zurich it a club? I don't know. I thought all my years of reading about Swiss design in English would somehow help me in thes situation but....wait, I need to know this, it is very important: how do you say chocolate in Swiss? Here is a picture of our blooming Pennsylvanian farm land (similar to the Alps?) which we probably won't see again until June being that our Swiss (Family Robinson?) adventures begin at the end of the month!



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