Indie Film Means Getting Your Cutlery Back From the Set

Speaking of our barn home....we aren't planning on rebuilding the Gravity set in the yard (which I seriously lobbied for forever) but I think I did convince Brent that we should combine "the whale" (the tall curving, slated tower belonging to Leonard that I painstakingly stained and stapled for days!) and the set bathtub (which, while visiting the wonderful filmmaker Jake Mahaffy a long while ago, we bought off of a big rig driver in Rhode Island who, I swear, picked it up all by himself behind his house in the woodsy back roads during a lightning storm and threw into a rickety rented van and has since needed no less than four people to move!) into an outdoor bath to sit under the eave of our barn where Leonard's house once stood! I hope to incorporate even more of the set into our lives but for now I try to reclaim the pieces of our daily life that have been Gravity's for the past few years....our stove coils, our bed sheets, our frying pan, our glass else?

Also, we've been delivering Leonard Wood's furniture to the various collectors who are the new owners of these is kind of sad but, at the same time, every piece of the set that is gone has ended up in the hands of wonderful people whose art collections are incredible compilations of crafted contemporary work and I couldn't be more pleased with their new homes! Here are some pictures of New York (I took with my age old camera) while we traveled to an exquisite home with the single best art collection I have ever seen?! There was more art that I resonated with here than in any place I have ever been and I am seriously tearing up knowing that the piano is now a family member in this unique, brilliant and loving home! (still crying a little...sniffle...but at least it is a happy cry!)



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.