Australian for Film Festival

When you are obssessed with birds and go on a trip to the Chesapeake Bay for some trawl line crabbing (a really long rope is baited by separate lines spaced about 10 feet apart and you pull it up and net the crabs as you boat by! I love it! 119 crabs!) and there is a barn swallow nesting on the boat with her tiny, downy baby birds you have to love life! You also have to love life when the movie in which you play a woman obsessed with birds is taking you to Australia!? What?!

Australia is one of those hulking masses I never even imagined I would go to just out of shear distance and confusion over how kangaroos and koalas are (supposedly) real! The Revelation Perth International Film Festival has invited the Gravity live show to be part of their program this year which means not only will Brent & I be travelling over the equator and over a (different!) ocean John, Drew, Mike McGinley (throwing around an upright bass in that link) and his wife Holli will be joining us as well! Can't wait! There is still more paperwork to be done in order for us to be let into this fine country so let's all cross our fingers that it all goes smoothly and our 26 hour flight (jaw drops) has plenty of movies on board as we bring Gravity over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and into a whole new continent!



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