At Home With the Sculpture

We brought home the sculpture from EMPAC and are trying to get it in working order! Thanks to my crash course in computer networking (thanks Peter & Dave!) I was able to access the tower that holds all the secrets, I mean animation clips, which is just a small part of the reconstructive battle! We also had to get a piece of it re-welded (no, it wasn't because I am a welding novice, it was because Ryan had to grind it down to fit in the car!) which meant a trip to a local fabrication factory where an old friend of Brent's (who just started making these awesome lights!) helped put the metal back together! 

Now it is a matter of finessing wires and then, soon, it will be alive in the house! Much like the tiny mouse I keep seeing running under the sculpture! O yes, winter friends! Here is a pic titled "At Home With The Sculpture." Notice the home to art ratio?! It's getting hard to tell the difference, hmmm...



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