Feature Film and The T

Yesterday we embarked on the first line tests for Brent's newest feature film! YES! Walking around the neighborhood I followed behind lugging a tripod and some gear as we set out to see what some things looked like through a camera in anticipation of the next in the series of projects. I don't know too much for right now other than that I see Brent scribbling in a new notebook and retreating to the piano in the barn every so often to record...but I do know that I am excited! Here are some photos I took of our (first of many) film shoot/strolls!

And by the way: if you are in the Boston area tomorrow (Friday October 14th) come out to the Museum of Fine Arts for our live Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then show! We even have (another) new addition to our band in the form of a different drummer! Can't wait to see good old Beantown, which I haven't been to since I was a kid! Hope I don't die in a molasses flood (which really happened and which my Massachusetts bred Mom TERRIFIED me with as a child as she read me a children's book all about the deadly sticky situtation, complete with light hearted, cutesy illustrations! This explains so much!?)! Anyway...come to the show!



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