Our friend Drew got to see the film yesterday for the first time! He wrote Brent describing what it was like and I really really like his description:

I remember you were worried about "pacing", and the film kinda takes off like a rickety old bi-plane, but after that you're up in the air in the world of this film and words like "pacing" couldn't be further from your mind. Instead you've got a 360 degree, open air cockpit view and everything looks so different that you almost feel like you're dreaming. It's at first an uneasy immersion, and then somehow very relaxing. It had the characteristic lyrical denseness of your work, but was also balanced by visual beauty (a new frontier in your work it seems) that made it light enough for you to float through it.

I couldn't agree more! Before Brent's images were little pinwheels supporting what he had to say and now they are giant, beautiful propellers keeping everything evenly afloat! 

Have any blog readers gone to see the film? I want to hear what you thought?! Here is another pic of the yard at the start of building for the film which I thought was nicely fitting to Drew's description- the actual beginnings of our rickety bi-plane!



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