Ghost Ranch

Here are some more pictures of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at the ASU Art Museum! (I tried making a video of the show but it seems to be a bit glitchy...maybe I will try again?) I really can't explain how great this install was. Every single part of it. The ASU Museum has seriously assembled the most amazing group of people in every aspect and I am so excited to see how far they are, no doubt, going to go! 

That includes the patrons as well, the students and art community in the Phoenix area are a strong force that has, and will, keep producing some great work! I kind of hate to leave my little desert life but...we'll be back in October for a bunch of things, including a Brent run animation workshop for those who are interested! 

Now we leave for New York with a few screenings in the next few weeks- including the much anticipated Gravity live show at EMPAC!



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