Go Ducks

Last night a decent turnout came in the pouring rain to the Schnitzer Museum of Art to watch Brent perform Carlin live followed by the theatrical version of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is an architecturally gorgeous building with such impressive exhibitions (complete with state of the art interactive information technology and a sprawling collection of Asian art ranging from intricate jewelry made from bird feathers to neo-Japanese scrolls) that it felt like a wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art rather than the art museum at the University of Oregon! A recent exhibit of Gus Van Sant and Andy Warhol's  polaroids was followed by a comprehensive exhibit of a master Italian printmaker hailing from the 18th Century, two perfect examples of just how ambitious and comprehensive the curation here is. Judging by the varied crowd at the film screening the community definitely realizes what a valuable resource this place is, I hope the students do as well! Being that my camera decided to die (possibly for good) I only got this one little cell phone picture of the front of the museum, but I think it gets across the theatricality and beauty of both the inside and the outside of the museum pretty well! Now...what kind of camera do you have?



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