Gravity Is Still Everywhere

Today I finished (another!) Gravity trailer as part of our Fall mini-US tour! Yes! We are hitting the road with the film again in late September and early October! Mostly Eastcoast and Midwest towns (with a slight chance of California and the Pacific Northwest if things can get in order)! Will keep you posted if the trailer ends up on the internet (it has some footage completed after the other trailers were made!) and will also keep you posted on our Fall whereabouts...especially since our Gravity live shows are soon to become even more rare as we embark on the next series of projects!

After sending the trailer off, after TONS of computer malfunctions, I went into the yard to see what is left of Gravity...seeing the set stacked into neat little piles almost makes me forget how unbelievably heavy the thing is! How we built it outside behind the barn in the coldest of winters! How we shoved it into two twenty-six foot long trucks and drove it across the country! How we had to fireproof the entire thing in order for the set to reside in the desert conditions of the Southwest! All the care and painting and staining and nailing that went into building and rebuilding over and over again! What a crazy history these little pieces of wood have! While admiring all of the hard work laying in pieces in the yard I did come across another little piece of Gravity production history: the cloudmaker! Or, should I say, a fishing rod with cotton snow (I remember it specifically being cotton snow since all other cotton fill had a shine to it, a quality that the packaged snow did not possess) attached to the end that I, sitting on the roof of Leonard's house in the freezing temperatures, moved frame by frame growing the cloud out of the wooden hand of our backyard embodiment of God as Brent stood on the ground taking picture after picture (part of the finished scene you can see a little in this trailer over here!).

I have a feeling the rest of my time in this barn will be filled with little unexpected moments of Gravity and I couldn't be more happy! Hope to share the happiness this Fall on our little tour! But, for now, working and swimming, swimming and working! And baby deer! Twin fawns! In the yard! Yay!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.