The Band

We are in animating mode over here- sorry for the lack of posts...! Cutting cels, drawing, shooting- it really puts your head in a weird spot making it hard to remember what talking to people is like and making chilly Autumn walks a blessing from the exacto-knife and sharpie kingdom you are the ruler of! So, since my brain is stuck, I thought I would take this time to talk about what our fellow bandmates have been up to lately! They are the ones who are lucky enough to see those finished frames flash by during our live shows but not have to paint the cels themselves leaving their Fall season packed with excitement...!

We've played Gravity with a lot of people over these past few years so here are just a few updates of what some of our fellow musicians are up to...let's see: Drew Henkels (theramin player extraordinnaire!) has been touring around with his band, Drew & The Medicinal Pen! He is also working on his new album, has made a video compilation of his music video work and is developing a new idea for a live performance art installation piece that seems pretty exciting! Go Drew! Go! Our sometimes cellist John Swartz has reformatted his beautiful photography website, where you can see some of his images from our touring...very weird seeing another eye capture these experiences! Look out for cameos of me & our other fellow travelers! Upright bassist Todd Chandler recently was awarded a grant from Rooftop Films for his newest short film about the Norwegian seed bank, an episode in his series of fictional truths that creatively explore natural topics through an artistic lens of film and art.  Todd was also involved in the Occupy Wall Street Suits for Wall Street event that outfitted protesters in professional attire so they will be taken seriously by the media and not pigeonholed as un-showered hippies meaninglessly banging drums!

Speaking of drummer news: Brendan Canty has a new band! They are called Deathfix! And they recently played at a HS football field in the D.C. area! Can't wait to hear them! Last Friday Jim White played a live soundtrack to Eve Sussman's newest, poetic, lush film piece White on White. On November 10th our most recent drummer, David Freeman, will be performing some live music as part of the exhibit Jews on Vinyl, a gallery/museum show of record covers telling the visual story of popular music and Jewish heritage. And Mike McGinley (sometimes drummer, sometimes horn player, always hilarious!) still hasn't made an internet outlet for his amazing paintings and drawings...come on Mike! I will set up a tumblr for you, just send me some photos!

And Brent & I? Still on the animation front! Hurrah! Here are a few stormy Fall pics I've managed to take in between frames! O, and I have an old Fall pic up on this site too! Seasonal fun for all! Stay tuned!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.