Windy City

Today we are on our way to do a show at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee but, before we get there, we are stopped over in Chicago to pick up Mike McGinley who you might also know as Leonard Wood from Gravity and who will be playing trombone and clarinet at this performance! Not only have I never been to Chicago but I have never been to Mike and his wife, the lovely Holli Hopkin's, home here!

Apparently Mike is an amazing artist on top of being an amazing actor, musician, chef! And Holli is equally as stunning with her knitting, quilting, film production skills! Holli also shot a few beautiful moments in Gravity when she visited the film set in PA awhile back!  I usually don't like putting pics of peoples homes on the internet but Mike & Holli are such a part of the film and their home is just too wonderful not to...on to Milwaukee!



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