Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!

In proper Hitchcock style...Brent & I are taking a train all the way out to Chicago next week (!with a roomette & all!) to perform a live lecture and host two theatrical screenings of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then courtesy of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Visiting Artists Program and the Conversations at the Edge series hosted by the Siskel Center!

The live lecture is a thing we started out in Ohio where Brent rambled, answered questions and screened some short films while the band ebbed and flowed along with the is a little on the strange side but definitely a nice way to make a boring old podium lecture more fun (I think/hope) for everyone involved...! The band this time around will feature Chicago native Mr. Mike McGinley, along with Jim Becker and Joe Adamik of the band Califone (video of one of my favorite Califone songs below)! And me on foley of course...! We rarely show Gravity in the U.S. without a live band too so... come see this rarity if you find yourself in the Chicago area...and also, we have some free time on our hands while out there: what do we do? Besides eat a hot dog, a donut, gawk at some deadly flying fish and see a real live indoor U-Boat that is...!



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